Dear America

I’ve been thinking of you while I’ve been away here in Australia. There are a few things I miss if I’m honest. I miss the fact that it’s in the 80’s right now, while I am sitting in sweaters and socks in a 58’F house. I miss my friends, my boyfriend, my immediate family, etc. I miss summer dance in the park in Chicago, and a few of the other comforts of “home” so to speak.

But let me tell you about what you’ve been missing out on. For one “Gold Class Cinemas”: a wondeful and beautiful new world where there are a maximum of 50 people in a theatre, the seats are plush recliners that lay you down in such a way that you can completely relax and yet not have to strain your neck to see the screen. O and you can order off a gourmet menu before the showing and they bring you your request on a tray during the movie…yeah, USA, we are missing out!

And what about Tim Tams?! (for you poor souls that just said, “Tim who?”, I’ll explain.) Tim Tams are the ultimate chocolate-lover’s dream cookie/biscuit/thing…Two approximately 3 inch-long chocolate crackers sandwiching a creamy chocolate filling, all overed in a layer of poured chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Oreo fan myself, but Tim Tams have Oreo’s beat hands-down; no cheating, no name-calling, no questions asked.

Which brings me to number 3 – real ‘football’. No, not soccer (though they have that too), I mean rugby. I just watched the first game of the “State of Origin” series. The NRL has the NFL looking like a bunch of woossies (no offense, watch a game and maybe you’ll understand what I mean.) Maybe instead of the Super Bowl we should celebrate the final game of the Rugby World Cup (keep the funny commercials).

All that to say, I’m really enjoying my time here. =) I’m not saying Australia is better than you, but there may be a few things you could learn (and a few things that might come back with me in my suitcase).

Keep in touch!