My Mid-Summer Day’s Winter

100_6161Australia has brought me to say things I never thought I’d say.

Winter in Australia has just enough of everything that it carries the best of every season.

  • It gets just cold enough in the nights to merit wearing cozy socks yoga pants to bed under heavy, warm blankets.
  • It gets just warm enough during the day to wear light layers and go for a comfortable walk to town.
  • There are days of perfect running weather – not so hot that you sweat like a horse, and not so cold that you wish you couldn’t feel your face.
  • There are days of perfect sit on the couch with a hot cuppa weather – cold enough for comfy-cozies, warm enough to enjoy wearing them. 100_6156
  • Winter sports are rugby and soccer (neither of which have any true need for snow).
  • If you get the hankering for a snow-man – you can drive a few hours, play for a bit, and leave the snow behind you.
  • Flowers are everywhere all the time – none of this mono-tone dreariness of snow-bound cities and plains. 100_6138

I went for a meander outside today. Walked down the street towards all the shops. I passed yard after yard full of grass and flowers and life. The sun was warm enough to coax me out of my jacket as I admired the loveliness all around me. I didn’t see even one sign of the stereotypical and symbolic death associated 100_6157winter. Everything around me breathed new life and fragrance.

Soaking in the silence of solitude and the beauty of small-town Australia, I decided something. It is high-time I gave up my life-long feud with the final life-cycle of the seasons. So here it goes: I like winter.


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